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We started CannaLife USA with the idea to creatively introduce hemp into an entire line of food products. We decided to use Canna Energy as a way to re-introduce America to the incredible power of industrial hemp.

Industrial hemp was literally part of the fabric of what America was built upon.  From food, to paper, to building materials, to energy, to clothes – hemp can do it all.  And Canna Energy is our gateway to the drug free benefits of hemp!!

What’s all this buzz (so to speak) about hemp? And where’s the THC? Did you think Canna Energy and it’s hemp would get you high?

The first time I heard about hemp, I assumed it would get me buzzed.  The truth is, hemp does not get you high. Although hemp seed oil is one of the main ingredients in Canna Energy – it contains NO THC!

Canna Energy is a THC Free energy supplement infused with 50 mg of hemp seed oil. Hemp seed oil contains 80% essential fatty acids (EFAs).

So try a can of Canna Energy and let us know what you think!

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