A Little Bit of Hemp History

Think of the word “hemp” and all of its encompassing connotations. For many people, three words in particular come to mind: weed, hippies, and smoking. Before the U.S. criminalized cannabis under the Federal Marijuana Tax Act of 1937, those three words were more along the lines of industrial, crop, and medicine. Before the Marijuana Tax Act, industrial hemp was used for just about anything from books to clothing to even gasoline! According to 420 magazine, in the year 1916, the U.S. Government had predicted that by the 1940s all paper would be made from hemp in order to prevent any more trees from being cut down. Just think of the environmental benefits that would have occurred if the Marijuana Tax Act had not happened! Fortunately, more and more states across the United States are or are at least considering legalizing industrial hemp!

Canna Energy and its Hemptastic Benefits

As many of you are aware, hemp has endless amounts of benefits, both environmental and health benefits. At Canna Energy we encourage and promote a healthy, active, outdoor lifestyle by finding the finest ingredients and nutrients that we can to help our consumers get energized (hempergized, if you will) and live their lives to the fullest!

What’s Going on in the Hemp Community?

Hemp “Ohana Open House to Showcase Industrial Hempcrete” (article by mauinow.com): “The Maui hemp Institute for Research & Innovation Organizing Committee invites the public to a free open house in Kīhei on Sunday, June 7, showcasing Maui’s first home built with hemp construction materials.”

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