DENVER, COLORADO – July 7, 2015 – The popular Canna Energy drink announced today they would be releasing a new branding campaign, “Fuel Different”. According to Canna Energy’s recent announcement, the company is now shifting a segment of their focus to young parents through the “Fuel Different” campaign.
The pressures of raising children, juggling home and work life, and other daily responsibilities mean older millennials are increasingly turning to energy drinks. While energy drinks are often marketed at young millennials, associating themselves with sports, extreme activities and nightlife, a lifestyle shift for older millennials demands energy and gives the category a prime opportunity to evolve. The US energy drink and shot category saw 56% growth between 2009 to 2014. The category is expected to increase by 52% from 2014-2019. Recent surveys on consumption of energy drinks have changed. 29% of older millennials said they had been drinking more energy drinks (as opposed to 16% among 18-26 year olds) and 18% had been consuming more energy shots
(compared to 9%).
Canna Energy wants to provide the needed fuel for these young parents in their efforts at keeping pace”, said Mark Spoone, CEO of Canna Energy. “We believe that the natural and organic hemp plant is the “fuel different” way to provide that”, said Spoone.
The “Fuel Different” campaign will take a foothold this month, unveiling around the world to energy drink consumers everywhere.
Canna Energy is also available in many retail outlets across the country. For a list of locations, see their website at
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About Canna Energy:
Canna Energy was created to support a healthy, active, outdoor lifestyle. By infusing hemp oil, we help to deliver key nutrients that every body needs. It’s our belief that Hemp and its various by products provide a long list of health and economic benefits. We do not support or endorse the use if any illicit or illegal substances and there is no relation what so ever between Canna Energy and any THC related effects. Grab a Canna and get active! For more information visit or contact Celeste Miranda at 805-744-2424.