When the modern person thinks of what they run on, hemp isn’t usually the first thing to come to mind. We may picture protein powders or coffee, but hemp? Not the typical answer. Yet hemp has been a staple of mankind for centuries! The American society has run on hemp since it’s founding days with hemp fiber making up cloth, ropes, and paper. Hemp was considered a staple of the economy, and not only supporting industry, either: hemp seeds have also been consumed en masse to fuel the bodies and minds of humanity!
Hemp seeds are known to be a nutritional powerhouse. Studies have shown that each serving of hempoil, derived from hemp seeds, provide essential natural fatty acids like Omega3 and Omega6! Hemp is a superstar source of omega fattacids, because of the natural ratio of Omega3 and Omega6 fats in hempseed may help prevent inflammation and the inflammation associated diseases commonly found in the Omega3 deficient traditional “Western diet”. In addition to the proper fatty acids, hemp­seed oil also contains a broad range of amino acids such as L­Tyrosine and Arginine.
With all of the benefits that hemp has to offer, it was a natural step to include hemp oil in CannaLife’s Canna Energy drinks! Canna Energy delivers a “sustainable” energy by infusing 50mg of hemp seed oil in each can, delivering an optimal proportion of Omega fatty acids combined with traditional energizing ingredients like B vitamins and taurine. Hemp­seed oil is even high in magnesium, a mineral which controls blood sugar, blood pressure, and promotes
stable moods.
The result is a stable energy boost, that actually has the ability to lower the glycemic index, preventing those unwanted spikes and crashes in energy that traditional energy drinks can cause. Canna Energy was created with the active, health­conscious individual in mind ­ so grab a Canna and get active!