It seems like these days everybody is drinking Energy Drinks. Look around, and you’re just as likely to see someone holding a tall brightly colored can as a venti latte. If you’re like me, you love what Energy Drinks do for you, but you hate that slightly guilty feeling you get from drinking one. Artificial colors. Artificial flavors. Artificial sweeteners. Preservatives. High fructose corn syrup. Even my grandma knows you shouldn’t drink high fructose corn syrup, and she used to have a bottle of the stuff in her cupboard! So I’m excited about a new energy drink that gives you the health benefits of Hemp AND gives you a great tasting low sugar option that doesn’t use nasty toxic artificial sweeteners.

Canna Hemp Energy drink is a hemp powered energy supplement. (Hemp powered? What’s that about? I’ll get to that later.) It contains only pure cane sugar or natural (non-artificial) low calorie sweeteners. (only 40 calories!) And if you’re worried about getting high or testing positive for something, no worries, Canna Hemp Energy drinks don’t contain any THC, so you can consume them anytime, anywhere, and feel great about it. (Sorry stoners, keep searching the couch for roaches.)*

Canna Hemp Energy Drink also has the benefit of being infused with Hemp oil. Hemp oil supplies you with many highly beneficial nutrients, one of which is EFA’s (essential fatty acids). They’re called essential because your body can’t make them, but it desperately needs them, so you have to consume them somewhere. Hemp oil is a combination of 57% lineolic and 19% linolenic acid in the 3-to-1 ratio our bodies need.

Welcome to drinking an Energy supplement that gives you enhanced energy, focus and a protective dose of key vitamins and nutrients. So grab a can. And get ready for this to be the best day yet!