Why Hemp

Why Hemp


The history of the industrial hemp goes back thousands years. For example, the Chinese grew hemp over 4,500 years ago for textile fiber. They also used the seed as food. The spread of cannabis took place from China to the Middle East and the Mediterranean area and, subsequently, to Europe, probably via nomadic peoples. In American colonial times hemp was used in the production of rope, clothing and paper production. It was even said  that farmers could pay their taxes in hemp because of its widespread value.Today you have a nearly endless variety of choices in drinks. A quick spin through the beverage section at your local supermarket or convenience store can be overwhelming.

Canna Energy

With so many options, how do you know what’s really good for you and your loved ones? We have four reasons for you to consider making Canna Energy your choice when selecting a go-to drink. Canna Energy drinks offer great taste with great benefits! Simply put, there is nothing else like Canna Energy. You share your challenges and we work tirelessly to find nature-derived dietary ingredients in effective drink solutions that help to make your days and nights the best they can be.

Canna Energy is Nature at its Best

We scour the world to find the finest ingredients with the highest efficacy and safety standards. We experiment tirelessly until we get it right. We never use artificial colors or flavors and our drinks have as low as 40 calories per bottle.

Canna Energy Is Nurturing

Canna Energy was created to support a healthy, active, outdoor lifestyle. By infusing hemp oil, we help to deliver key nutrients that every body needs. It’s our belief that hemp and its various by products provide a long list of health and economic benefits.

Canna Energy Is Necessary

In a fast-paced world, Canna Energy drinks help to level the playing field. Whether your challenge is running a company or a household, Canna Energy can help make your days better. As we continue to grow, look for Canna Energy drinks to listen to your requests and feedback and work to develop more and better ways to help you live your life to its fullest.

Canna Energy Is Nurturing